Eco Friendly Solution for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Eco Friendly Solution for a Plastic Free Bathroom

Did you know the only 9% of that plastic you recycle, actually gets recycled?

What's more is that within the U.S alone, the equivalent of 65 trash trucks of waste is dumped into the oceans, rivers and throughout the land. And that’s DAILY! 

Most people start their day and end their day in their bathroom. Whether that is brushing your teeth, showering, or using grooming accessories. There are lots of essential toiletries that are used to take care of ourselves. 

Here’s our goal: Help keep the planet greener by having one less plastic item in your bathroom! ⁠

We’ve compiled a guide on how you can keep your toiletries plastic-free and eco-friendly. 

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Rather than contributing to the plastic being dumped into the oceans everywhere, why not be part of the solution? A bamboo toothbrush is both a quality and eco-friendly solution. 

    Bamboo Toothbrush

  1. Compostable Silk Floss
  • Most floss comes in a plastic container, with non vegan ingredients. The floss is usually made of material that doesn’t biodegrade. Our solution? Georganics Organic Floss: a great plastic free and durable alternative; 

Organic Silk Floss

  1. Toothpaste & Tooth soap
  • Just as with floss, most conventional brands package their toothpaste in plastics. They also use chemically infused ingredients. We offer a vegan and plastic free organic toothpaste by Georganics.

Organic Toothpaste

  1. Mouthwash
  • Most mouthwash brands contain harmful ingredients and are packaged in plastic. The Georganics Mouthwash we provide, restores tooth enamel, whitens teeth and freshens breath. An excellent organic mouthwash and eco friendly oral care solution. We also offer travel friendly mouthwash tablets that dissolve in water. 

Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Mouthwash Tablets

  1. Wash Soap
  • If you’re using liquid soap, it comes out of a container that’s made of plastic. Be cautious when buying bar soap as well. It’s always best to stick to a plastic free bar soap solution, with natural ingredients. We personally use our natural soap for both hair and body by Alluvian. Using only selected natural ingredients, essential oils and aquatic botanicals.


All-Natural Soap Sampler Pack

Hair & Beard Soap

6. Shave Soap
  • The conventional brands create shaving gel, some are in metallic containers, some are in plastic containers. Even the ones in metallic containers, have a plastic lid or pump to let the gel out. Our suggestion and solution: switch to a 100% plastic free shave cream. The Alluvian Shave Cream produces a rich lather, and is composed of all natural ingredients. Provides a clean shave and healthy skin.

    Organic Shave Cream Sample Pack

7. Safety Razor & Blades
  • There are two choices; A.) Either continue spending lots of dollars on cheaply made, plastic razors, that contribute to waste. B.) Switch to and invest in a plastic free razor. Safety razors will be more durable, last you longer, and you’ll save not only your wallet, but the planet as well. 

Mossy Barber Shaving Kit


  1. Deodorant

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