Mossy Barber Shaving Kit & Shave Soaps

The Mossy Barber Shaving Kit & Shave Soaps is for the authentic, the bearded, the modern man. This Premium Wood Gift Box is handmade and as pure as it can get. The premium shave soap is a concentrated formula, made for longevity and rich aroma. 
Handmade in the US. All with certified vegan, organic, sustainable and plastic-free products.
Included in the Shave box:
  • Double Edge Safety Razor - with quick screw razor release function
  • Shaving Brush - Aluminum / Nylon (non-animal based)
  • 5 x Platinum Edge Razor Blades
  • Stainless Steel Razor Stand
  • Stainless Steel Brush Shave/Lather Bowl
  • Handmade Wooden Gift Box with Mahogany finish
  • Choice of 1 x Alluvian Premium Shaving Soap 30g,


Wetshaving is an exercise in mindfulness. A complete shaving routine, enhanced by hot, aromatic lather, should leave you clear-headed, refreshed, and looking sharp. Alluvian shave soaps are made with rich plant-based ingredients like kokum butter, avocado oil, Irish sea moss, and exotic essential oils that work with your skin for a truly superior shave.

Specialty Ingredients: South Indian Kokum Butter | South African Avocado Oil | Maine Wild Harvested and Organic Irish Moss


Directions: Pinch off small amount and place in shave brush for face lather or bowl for bowl lather.  With hot water, work into thick lather using circular strokes.

Can be applied directly to face as a shave butter.  Wet face.  Massage small amount of soap into whiskers.  Wet fingertips with hot water and massage again.




    Malabar Cabaret 

    Aromatic blend that befits a man of mystery. Opulent, unconventional notes of sweet leather, anise (licorice) and wood.




      Bohemian Coast

      An uncommon scent for the uncommon man.  Lemon balsamic and lightly floral, with a rich undertone of Sri Lankan vetiver (oil of tranquility).



        Himalayan Cedar 

        Your peak shaving experience. Warm and woody with bright notes of myrtle that complement warm Himalayan cedar oil.


          Isle Of Man

          Alluring scents of peppermint, sage brush, sweet earth, and ocean will find their way into your shaving routine with this handmade facial treatment. Experience what a luxury shaving soap can truly offer.

            Norwegian Spear 

            Go beyond the ordinary shave. Warm and spicy, with robust undertones of wild spearmint and neroli that evoke images of sea, land and sky.


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