How does oral care benefit our entire health?

Oral health matters a lot and many people (especially men) tend to ignore their oral health. Everything that you do to your mouth matters a lot; ranging from the kind of meals you take in and the caliber of activities you engage. 


Regular dental exams, proper brushing and a diet focused on cavity prevention can help reduce gum disease and tooth loss in men and (women). It has been proven that men are more likely to pay less attention to oral health and all its intricacies. As a result of this, research has revealed the tendency of men to more likely develop throat cancer and oral health problems at later life (above the age of 60).


So there are several tips required for proper oral health management. These practices listed below, early enough in life will help you develop a healthy oral health routine and overall, lead a healthy life.


The benefits of a beautiful smile are endless. Here are five tips that can help men effectively maintain their oral health.


1. Regular Dental Exams

Getting regular dental exams cannot be overemphasized. This is because it serves as an efficient and effective route in early diagnosis and proper maintenance of oral health. It is a crucial step in treating or preventing oral health problems (that can be linked to cancer, heart disease, gum disease, and tooth loss) . Regular dental checkups give room for routine teeth cleaning and necessary x-rays. The frequency of the check-up can be every 6 months depending on your workable schedule. A regular dental examination is a proper way to prevent future health problems and detect early onset, signs, and symptoms of diseases like oral cancer before they escalate into more severe issues.


2. Diet

You are what you eat. Adopting a proper diet schedule will help you prevent cavity development. It is essentially the pathway to the development of good and lasting oral hygiene. Following a proper diet helps prevent cavities and creates the foundation for good oral hygiene in children. There are certain foods which help in fighting plaque buildup; they also help to ensure the integrity, strength, and sensitivity of your teeth is kept within normal ranges, these foods are fruits, vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese, other calcium-rich dairy substitutes, green and black teas.

Snacking right might also be of help, though most snacks (sticky candies, sweets, soft pieces of bread, potato chips, soda, and other sugary drinks) contain a lot of sugary particles as well as other items that are not considered teeth-friendly. You can try out sugarless chewing gum and fluoridated drinking water when you feel like snacking on the “unwanted items”.



 3. Let’s talk about Brushing

 The University of Illinois at Chicago says that on average, men brush their teeth just 1.9 times a day. These statistics imply that men do not pay attention to their oral health. Brushing is as important as bathing; which are essential procedures for proper living. 

 The American Dental Association suggests brushing at least twice daily with a soft-bristled brush. Using the wrong type of brush with coarse bristles might injure your gums and cause the formation of gum sores. It is also recommended that toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months and that brushing should be done at a 45-degree angle from the gums and using short brushing strokes (up and down and side to side).



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4. Remember to Floss

Flossing does not take the place of brushing the teeth; they should both go hand in hand. As food particles and plaque can stick between teeth where toothbrushes don’t reach well. When bacteria act on these leftover food particles, they discolor the teeth and lead to the formation of cavities in different corners of the gum. Men should floss at least once daily to maximize their oral health and lower the risk of gum disease. Caregivers can encourage young boys to floss every day to make this oral hygiene practice a habit. 


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5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a habit that drastically increases your oral health problems. Many smokers have a high risk for developing conditions such as including oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth loss. Research has revealed that tooth loss tendencies double up with the increase in age (above 60) in smokers. Poor oral health caused by smoking is linked with a whole host of potential health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Tobacco from a cigarette is also capable of causing teeth staining. it’s important to keep in mind the effect of good oral hygiene (and regular dental check-ups) on overall health, wellness and the health care costs associated with chronic diseases. is a premium men’s grooming and shaving shop for men who want to go completely Plastic Free. It stocks up essential oral health product necessary to keep you on track. 



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