How to Shave with a Safety Razor Kit Plastic Free

Safety Razors are becoming popular again because they remove plastic from one's bathroom routine.  One of the big polluters is disposable razors. They consist of a 3 or 4 blades wrapped in micro-plastic that cannot be recycled and goes straight to the ocean or landfill. 

Safety Razors are the answer because they use old fashioned razors without plastic coating, that can be easily recycled or will biodegrade (subject to disposing of them responsibly). 

Mossybarber's Shave and Safety Razor Kit is the perfect starter for using a Safety Razor, and starting a plastic Free Journey. 

However, a lot of guys are worried they don't know how to use a Safety Razor, or if it will disrupt their habitual morning routine. 

So we created this simple guide for the newbie looking to help mother nature tackle our plastic epidemic. 

How to Shave with a Safety Razor 

1. Wash Face

Pretty simple. Use Alluvian Black Conifer Soap for an exfoliating clean prior to shaving.  This is fortified with Bamboo Charcoal, Kelp and vitamin E for a healthy, natural exfoliating wash. 

Alternatively, for the real connoisseur, match your wash soap with your shave soap, maximizing the aroma and experience of a wet shave. Check out the Alluvian Natural Soaps here - experiment with Blood Orange & Fennel, Manitou Scrub, Moroccan Lemongrass or Norwegian Spear 


2. Apply Pre-Shave 

This is optional but highly recommended. Before deciding if you want to use a Pre-Shave Oil, it's important to understand the purpose of it. 


Shaving Foam or Shaving Soap is a thick lather. Its purpose is to suspend the hair so that the razor can get a good grip as close to the skin as possible it. The razor then slices the hair as you slide it along your face. 




Pre-Shave Oil does something different. Pre-Shave Oil softens the hair and skin, to ensure that each razor stroke glides more easily along the surface, therefore ensuring a cleaner cut of each hair. 

So in summary; shaving soap to hold the hair to be cut, pre-shave oil to soften the hair to make the cut easier 

To apply - simply rub and leave on face for a few minutes (around the time it takes to whip up some shaving cream)

Again we have matching Pre-Shave Oil to match our soaps and shaving soaps. 

3. Lather Shave Soap

Firstly, warm up the shaving bowl with hot water, so it's hot to touch - also warm up the shaving brush whilst you're at it. 

Using a dime-sized amount, place in the bowl, and using the slightly wet brush, whisk into a frenzy until a thick white, aromatic foam develops. 

Travel Shaving Soaps can be found here 



4. Apply Shaving Lather 

Simply apply foam in circular motions, with the idea of fluffing up the hairs so they're suspended in the soap lather. 

If using Pre-shave Oil, be sure not to wipe this away! If not using pre-shave, ensure you wet your face with hot water before applying. 

5. Shave! 

Using a hot safety razor, simply shave as you normally would. Shave against the grain for a clean close cut

6. Wipe and Finish

Once shaven, apply an organic moisturizer, non-alcohol based. Our Rejuvenating Aftershave Serum has Premium natural ingredients such as virgin organic shea butter, wild-harvested cacay oil, organic prickly pear cactus oil, wild carrot seed oil, and Moroccan neroli and agarwood essential oils.

To complete the experience, add Plastic Free Cologne., made purely from botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils - Scratch off a small amount and heat between fingers. Apply to pulse points such as throat, behind ears, and wrists.

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