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100% Plastic-Free, Natural Deodorant

Despite the number of deodorants out in the market today, studies show that over 80% of men still face underarm-related issues, which in turn affect their self-esteem. The problem roots from the fact that men quickly choose deodorants out of habits. Instead of exploring on better alternatives, most of them grab a deodorant product without thinking twice, and this adversely affects their overall hygiene.

The Bad: Conventional Deodorant

Often times it's easier to just grab the cheap, and well-known brands we see advertised all around us. Unfortunately, if you stop and read what goes into them, you might want to consider the health effects. 


As it blocks your pores, it doesn't allow your body to detox. Research has linked aluminum to detrimental diseases and heavy metal toxicity with continued exposure. Let your pits sweat, but with Alluvians Natural Deodorant, it will still smell great!

"Fragrance" Additives 

If that stick of deodorant smells great with the use of chemicals - that's a sure sign to stay away. Fragrance deodorants include about 3,000 chemicals that are linked to so many serious health issues. Don't sacrifice the health of your body and skin at the expense of chemical additives. Natural deodorants come with scents made from essential oils and organic ingredients. Most of which leave your pits smelling fresh!


The Good: Natural Deodorant


Alluvian Natural Deodorant

Natural Organic Deodorant- Specially formulated to prevent odor without the use of synthetic chemicals, aluminum, or dyes.  

You demand a fine scent, natural ingredients, and superior performance from your deodorant. Ours is specially formulated to prevent odor without the use of synthetic chemicals, aluminum, or dyes. 

 Use a premium quality, eco-friendly stick of deodorant to keep your skin healthy. 

Curious how you can tell you've got the wrong deodorant? 

  • It Leaves Rashes
  • Frequent application is needed
  • It gives you a burning sensation

Do yourself and your body a favor by choosing the right deodorant that works!

By doing the right research and using an organic, vegan and natural deodorant, you avoid health threats to your body. Doing the research to find a natural deodorant that works can take time. Fortunately, we've done the research for you.

The Alluvian Natural Deodorant is made from pure and nourishing ingredients like nahcolite, kokum butter, Irish sea moss, and select essential oils to create a healthy underarm environment that works with, instead of against, your natural body chemistry. Biodegradable, plastic-free housing supports your environmentally conscious efforts to reduce your plastic footprint.

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