Best Practices for Grooming - Using Our Products!

Mossy Barber sells organic, plastic free products for your daily grooming routine!

At, we have put together a list of grooming tips which will help you take on the world, as you step out in style all through your day-to-day activities

Super-grooming is an essential part of style; so we strongly recommend that you savor every one of the tips presented, and roll them into your life’s motions. Not only will you save time, money, and your look – by giving these tips, you will also be known for your extraordinary kingly swags (kudos to


1. Showers and Shaving.

    This grooming tip works at all times. Taking warm showers helps to increase the flow of blood around your body, thereby improving its radiance. It also contributes a great deal to relaxation after a tiring day!


    And cold showers?

    They are awesome too especially during the winter season. Cool or cold showers may not exactly be a treat, but they're less irritating to the skin especially for those with dry skin


    What about the shave?

    Shaving can pose to be a herculean task for those with overly sensitive or dry skin, so even with the showers, there might be occasional itches and bumps---but there is a solution has got some good stuff to help you out with “the shave” 

    They are;


    Product description

    Skin irritation often occurs as an after-effect of shaving, largely due to dryness and razor burn. Alluvian’s alcohol-free moisturizing serum is specially formulated to be used daily after shaving, for a dynamic rehydrating effect. 


    Size: 1 fl. oz. - Travel Size

    Method of usage

    Massage a small portion into your freshly shaved skin.


    Specialty Ingredients: Columbian Cacay Oil, French Wild Carrot Seed Oil, Organic Moroccan Neroli Essential Oil.


    For those with sensitive skin, shaving can seem like a herculean task. Alluvian Pre-Shave & Beard Oil serves to moisturize sensitive facial skin, soften facial hair, and provide a light and aromatic blend of high quality and exotic essential oils. The base oil profile offers excellent emollient properties with antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Vitamins A and E. Alluvian Pre-Shave & Beard Oil serve the purpose of preparing the skin for a shave.


    Irish Moss is a red seaweed from the Atlantic that is added to enhance the oil by providing unique polysaccharides, minerals, and nutrients that help fortify your skin and hair


    Method of usage

    Apply a little amount to your hands and massage it unto your face and neck area before applying a hot bowl for a pre-shave routine. This should be followed by the application of the shaving soap.


    Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba, Apricot Oil, Organic Argon Oil, Essential Oils and Organic Irish Moss.


    2. Your Nails matter a lot.

      Keeping your nails neat might seem difficult to achieve but it is as simple as the letters of the alphabet. There is no best time to select to get your nails properly trimmed. You just have to select your technique and choose the time of the day that works best for you.

      Since fingernails for males usually have tough fingernails, using nail clippers might give you a jagged result. However, if you clip those nails before having a shower, you might get something productive done to your fingernails.

      You can also try out filing. Its gives off a far better result than clipping 

      Nail scissors do a great deal of sharper-edged smooth delivery because it cuts with far more precision than can be gotten with clippers and files.


      3. Sweat stinks. Keep your pits clean with organic deodorant.

      You demand a fine scent, natural ingredients, and superior performance from your deodorant. Ours is specially formulated to prevent odor without the use of synthetic chemicals, aluminum, or dyes. Instead we use pure and nourishing ingredients like nahcolite, kokum butter, Irish sea moss, and select essential oils to create a healthy underarm environment that works with, instead of against, your natural body chemistry. Biodegradable, plastic-free housing supports your environmentally conscious efforts to reduce your plastic footprint.


      4. Wash Your Beard. Keep it fresh!

        Especially if you sweat, you should wash your hair more often. However, using the wrong kind of soap and shampoo can leave you with dry hair that breaks easily.

        The solution? has some essential soaps and shampoo that can help keep your hair in a perfectly healthy condition. One of which is;

         Product description

        Isle of Man Beard + Hair offers alluring scents of peppermint, sagebrush, sweet earth and ocean with a kokum butter base and a variety of six aquatic botanicals that will lather wonders leaving hair soft, clean and healthy.

        The Isle of Man is an island rising from the northern Irish Sea, where bright green rolling hills and jagged stones catch long traveled winds. 

        Net Wt.: 6.4 oz.

        Specialty Ingredients: Maine Wild Harvested and Organic Sea Oak | Indian Nagarmotha | American Kaolin Clay


        Method of usage

        Work lather into the hair using the backside of fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with water. Store soap on well-drained surface.


        5. Shave Your Head and Back of Your Neck.

        Well—shaving is not only limited to the hairs on the head and the mustache, Shaving the back of your neck once a week can save you so much time off the barber's shop and some additional cash. 

        You can use a razor and appropriate shaving cream to get rid of those hairs. 

        Straight out of the collection from is the;


        Product description

        Amorphous Diamond Super Stainless Steel Blades; super sharp for a smooth silky shave. 

        One double edge blade typically lasts 2-3 days for a daily shaver.


        Also, the perfect oil to accompany the shaving process to avoid itching is;

          Product description.

        The most valuable fragrance wood on earth. Deeply woody, and slightly sweet. A good quality shave is all about the preparation, especially for those with sensitive skin. Alluvian Pre-Shave & Beard Oil serves to moisturize sensitive facial skin, soften facial hair, and provide a light and aromatic blend of high quality and exotic essential oils.  


        You can check out for more variety


        6. Itchy Beard

          If you’re a novice in learning how to grow a beard, then the simple antidote to itchy beards is not infrequent trimming and creaming—due to its coarseness and dryness. All you have to do is a deep condition with the right type of conditioner from


          7. Toothpaste

            You don’t have to spend all day brushing your teeth for them to sparkle, what is needed is perfect toothpaste that is organic and plastic-free, devoid of all chemicals and toxin.


            Product Description

            This simple toothpaste is blended without any addition of essential oils but maintains all the cleansing and mineralizing benefits essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth. It has a lovely natural coconut flavor, perfect for those who prefer a milder taste or undergo homeopathy treatments. The fluoride-free and SLS free formulation is an ideal replacement to commercial whitening toothpaste. 


             Product description

            Georganics mouthwash tablets are made from entirely natural, food-grade and non-toxic ingredients. The fluoride, glycerin and SLS free formula helps to restore a healthy pH balance in your mouth thereby helping you to maintain good oral health with corresponding fresh breath. 

            Each glass bottle contains 180 tablets, 3 months’ supply.


            Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Natural Colourings, Menthol, Thymol, Spearmint Flavouring. 


            8. Smell Fresh!

            In as much as bathing regularly contributes to how good we smell, sweating is an inevitable process in life, and measures set in place to handle it will ensure fresh and optimal body image. You should regularly lavish cologne on your self (under your armpits, and all over the body).


             Product description.

            Seductive and warm, the Abacus Solid Cologne embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery and is made purely from botanical extracts, absolutes, and essential oils.


            Method of usage

            . Apply a small portion to pulse points such as throat, behind ears, and wrists.

             Solid Cologne – 0.5 oz



            There you go! The super-grooming tips you need to stay right on top of your game like the boss you are. has got you covered!

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