Welcome to Mossy Barber!

Welcome to the launch of the online shop; MossyBarber. A shop dedicated to men's bathroom grooming and toiletries - all Plastic-Free, Organic and 100% natural. 

We are a subscription service to turn your every day shave and dental routine into a Plastic-Free and Natural one. 

We are also proud to introduce Alluvian to the UK. 

Alluvian are dedicated to Plastic Free products and packaging; and use premium ingredients for that extra special shave experience. Inspired by nature, the ingredients have been carefully selected and combined to provide a superior shave and last much longer than other brands. 

We offer Alluvian products on a subscription basis; simply choose your product and delivery schedule and we will do the rest. You can manage your subscription - amend, swap or postpone - via your account page. 

If there is just one thing you can do in this world to help, it will be changing your shave and dental habits.