Alluvian Aquatic Botanical Grooming


Alluvian offers premier solutions to rejuvenate skin and senses.  Take a break to experience a personal daily retreat. 

Our product lines represent not only affordable luxury but a conscience choice to eliminate plastic and try to reduce some environmental ills that grow by the day. Our products and packaging are free of plastic and are recyclable, biodegradable, or a combination of both.

Our Values 

PLASTIC FREE - Alluvian is plastic free to protect you and our planet from the impacts of plastic pollution. At its essence, every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence leaching harmful chemicals and being consumed or entangling wildlife.

BUILT TO LAST -  We value longevity as well as quality. All of our products offer an impressive life span of use so that you live more and buy less.

ORGANIC - Alluvian sources only certified organic and sustainably harvest ingredients throughout our entire product line. Our seaweed varieties are wild harvested off the pristine coast of Maine. Every product is formulated with plant-based oils responsibly sourced from around the world. Like a fine wine, our aromatics are chosen by specific region and distiller to offer our clients depth and a unique sensory experience. To explore some of our suppliers, visit Robertet Group, Eden Botanicals, and Larch Hansen.

GEOLOGIC ELEMENTS - Alluvian products are enriched with minerals found in alluvial fans and retrieved from pure layers of earth, beneath bodies of water, or from colored lattices of salt. We incorporate these geologic ingredients to help naturally exfoliate, detox and rejuvenate skin.