Q: What does Mossybarber do?

A: We offer an easy one-stop-shop way to re-stock your bathroom, Synthetic-free, GMO-free, plastic-free and guilt-free.


Q: Do I need a Plastic Free Subscription Service for my toiletries?

A: Yes, you do. To save time, money and the whole planet


Q: I want to know more about how does your service works?

A: Choose the products you want > how often you want it delivered > create an account and place an order. Your subscription is set. Mossybarber will deliver your re-occurring orders based on your schedule. However, you can modify your subscription anytime through your Subscription Account Page.


Q: Once I place an order, can I change my subscription?

A: The delivery schedule is flexible and is fully operational at your discretion. You can exercise full control over your delivery schedule, products, and quantities. If you wish to modify or cancel your subscription, you can achieve that by simply logging into your account.

There is no minimum contract or order quantity to commit to - the subscription mechanism is there to help. However, if you do subscribe, you'll save 10% off all orders. 


Q: Are the products you stock any good?

A: We have chosen a select few Premium Producers who demonstrate a commitment to the environment and product quality. Certified and made with the highest quality organic ingredients.


Q: Will I be open to more variety of products later?

A: Yes, at the moment we are stocking a limited number of items.


Q: What about your delivery and eco-stance as a Company?

A: Mossybarber.com is a US-based company with a warehouse based in Vancouver WA. We are committed to providing high-quality plastic-free products that serve the planet and our customers. Also, all packaging used is recycled/recyclable; and deliveries are made carbon-neutral. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we do! Your shipping rates will be based upon your address and delivery times will vary. International Orders outside the US may be subject to local tax and customs charges which are the responsibility of the customer.


Q: What can I do if I think of any more questions?

A: Send us an email with any questions or find us on Facebook and Instagram and send us a message!



Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at operations@vortexvendors.com.

You can CONTACT US via

(+1) 505 568 1435, or