We work with two key premium producers who have demonstrated high quality and commitment to providing a 100% plastic-free, organic product line. This is because we strongly believe in excellence crafted in creative abilities.



Alluvian Aquatic Botanical Grooming  - for facial, body and grooming 


Alluvian specializes in providing premier solutions not only to the skin but also to the body senses. With a deliberate choice to work on the elimination of plastics and all of its related materials, Alluvian has all its products fashioned in the similitude of environmentally compatible products.


About Alluvian products:

The products and packaging do not incorporate plastics in any way and are recyclable, as well as biodegradable. The products have been enriched with the essential minerals found in alluvial fans, gotten from the pure layers of the earth’s crust, water bodies and lattices (colored) from salt. These materials are necessary precursors of our products essential in aiding the natural process of exfoliation, detoxification, and rejuvenation.

Alluvian's Core Values

  • Organic content
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Longevity


Organic content

Alluvian products are certified organic and eco friendly. Every product is essentially formulated with the best of plant-based oils sourced from the best places around the world. The aromatics are selected constantly by competent distillers based on regional preferences to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. The seaweed varieties are often wild-harvested off the pristine coast of Maine. 



We value longevity alongside high-quality. All Alluvian products offer an impressive lifespan of use so that you can enjoy it longer.



Georganics - for organic and plastic-free oral care

Georganics specialize in providing full natural oral care product which is environmentally friendly, plastic-free, healthy and sustainable. With the right proportion and caliber of high-quality ingredients, Georganics has successfully saturated the world with safe and organic oral care products.


Core Values

They work with principles which revolve around natural, sustainable and ethical practices.


A lot of energy is expended into the production of toxic-free products. In the same vein, a lot of time is also invested into the production of these safe oral care products from Georganics—especially in searching for the right kind of ingredients that are natural and 100% organic. These handmade products are designed to support and sustain oral health in the most natural manner because we are meticulous about the quality of our ingredients.



We only use natural ingredients that are PETA certified and packaging made from 100% recyclable materials. Our drive stems from making a difference in the production of earth-friendly products. This is why we use plastic-free and biodegradable packaging, great for recycling and saving the earth!



All products follow PETA standards and avoid animal testing by using cruelty-free alternatives to mainstream oral care products.