Alluvian - 100% All Natural Soap - Sampler Pack

$39.99 USD

For many, natural soap is just soap. A cheap, commodity item for the bathroom. For others, it is a critical part of their plastic-free journey who want premium natural ingredients for that luxurious feel. 

This sample pack comes with 100% All Natural Soap using Organic Ingredients. Proving a premium and luxurious feel. All made with plastic-free packaging. Perfect for those who want to try all the soaps in one pack.

Speciality Natural Soap ingredients include:

Dulse  - an edible North Atlantic Seaweed known as a good source of potassium, vitamins, iron, and iodine, is a natural exfoliant improving skin's condition and complexion. 
Kelp - an antioxidant-rich seaweed which keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for longer. 
Palm Kernel - rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E; which combined is known for its anti-aging properties

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