Alluvian - Isle of Man Beard and Hair Soap

$24.99 USD

Isle of Man Beard and Hair Soap offers alluring scents of peppermint, sagebrush, sweet earth and ocean with a kokum butter base and a variety of six aquatic botanicals that will lather wonders leaving hair soft, clean and healthy.

Specialty Ingredients: Maine Wild Harvested and Organic Sea Oak | Indian Nagarmotha | American Kaolin Clay

Net Wt.: 6.4 oz.

Isle of Man is an island rising from the northern Irish Sea, where bright green rolling hills and jagged stones catch long traveled winds.  

Directions: Work lather into the hair using the backside of fingertips and let rest.  Rinse thoroughly with water.  Store soap on well-drained surface.

Ingredients: Kokum Butter, Palm Kernel Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil*, Steric Acid (plant-derived), Avocado Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Blend of Absolutes and Essential Oils, Aquatic Botanicals (Irish Moss*, Dulse*, Sea Oak*, Rockweed*, Kelp*, Alaria*), and Kaolin Clay.


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