Mossy Barber Shaving Kit

$79.99 USD

The perfect start to plastic-free shaving and grooming. 

We ensure that you're provided with the best options to keep your shaving experience top-notch. ⁠

This Premium Wood Gift Box is handmade and as pure as it can get. The premium shave soap is a concentrated formula, made for longevity and rich aroma.
All products are handmade and certified vegan, organic, sustainable and plastic-free!

Included in the Shave box:

  • Double Edge Safety Razor - with quick screw razor release function
  • Shaving Brush - Aluminum / Nylon (non-animal based)
  • 5 x Platinum Edge Razor Blades
  • Stainless Steel Razor Stand
  • Stainless Steel Brush Shave/Lather Bowl
  • Handmade Wooden Gift Box with Mahogany finish
  • Choice of 1 x Alluvian Premium Shaving Soap 30g, Choose from: 

*Note: This is not a subscription  

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